Perfect Black Friday Meal

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After spending an entire day in the kitchen the last thing you want on Friday is to fuss over food.  If your tired of the turkey sandwich like I am you will appreciate this recipe.  It’s all your Thanksgiving left overs in a cute little package.

Time-45 minutes


Ingredients for Turkey Pot Pie

2 Tablespoons of unsalted butter

1 Tablespoon of vegetable oil

1 large shallot chopped

2 medium carrots diced into 1/2 pieces

1 cup of frozen peas

2 1/2 cups of shredded left over turkey

1 cup of homemade left over gravy

Left over mashed potatoes

2 (9 inch) store-bought roll out pie dough

1 egg beaten with 1 Tablespoon of water (egg wash)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.  In a large skillet heat oil and butter over medium-high heat.  Add carrots and sauté for 2-3 minutes.  Add frozen peas and sauté for 1 minute.  Add shallots and sauté until softened.  Incorporate turkey and gravy into the same skillet until the filling looks moist.  Remove from heat and set aside.  Line pie dish with bottom crust then add filling.  Add a layer of mashed potatoes on top of filling similar to a shepherd’s pie.  Finish with top pie crust, brush with egg wash and make slits for venting.  Bake in oven for 30 minutes or recommended time on box instructions.

How do I make this gourmet?

1.  Make your own pie crust.

2.  Homemade gravy is what makes this dish special.  The turkey recooks in it’s own fat again and it takes on a confit flavor profile.

3.  You can use pearl onions in place of shallots.

What is your favorite left over recipe?


The Author

I'm an earnest mother and wife doing her best to provide a delicious and memorable dinner table for her family. Life get's busy and it's so easy to throw in the towel and order out or heat up a pre-made meal. I've committed myself to making a homemade meal at least 4 times a week. I would like to share what I've learned with a group of people who are also home-cooks doing their best for their loved ones. Let's share our best recipes with each other and broaden our menu's to ease the age old question "what's for dinner?"


  1. Great day for this delicious looking Turkey Pot Pie, and what a great idea using the left over mashed potatoes, I wouldn’t have ever thought of this.
    I love that there isn’t a lot of work involved in the kitchen especially after Thanksgiving Day.
    Keep them coming Karen!

  2. Holly says

    Funny….I was thinking I was going to make a turkey pot pie. Love the mashed potato idea. Never thought of that. I like to add celery to my pot pies too. Not a pea fan.

  3. Sandy Lugo says

    I made the Turkey Pot Pie today and it was awesome!! I had to make a second one because my boys wiped it out in a few minutes!!!! Thanks Karen!! 🙂

  4. Sandy, I hope this becomes a black friday tradition in your home like it is in ours. Holly, I love the idea of celery I think I’ll try that in my next one!

  5. Jean Margiotta says

    Karen –
    Sandy told us how good the pot pie was and we made it today. It was really good.
    I’m not a pot pie person but it was really good. The potatoes really made it good. Do you have any other great recipes.

    • Hi Jean,
      Great to see you on here! I will blog twice a month to give you time to make the recipe and also not kill you with too many blogs. Ask Ray or Sandy how to become a follower and you will receive an email every time I blog. You can use the print function at the bottom of the recipe to keep it for your recipe folder. If you have any questions you can call me anytime! Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

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