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St. Patrick’s Day alla Mexicana

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Corned Beef Flautas with Shamrock Shaped Avocado-Tomatillo Salsa When I was a kid, my Mother would make these canned corned beef hash tacos.  We used to eat them with ketchup spiked with Tabasco sauce.  My Mom worked full time while raising four children.  She managed to cook for us, take us to sporting events, and be team Mom.  She had tasty recipes that seemed to whip up in no time.    Her well stocked pantry […]

Heart and Soul cooking for Valentines

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Ribeye with wilted super greens and sautéed mushrooms After teaching several cooking classes, I have learned most people want to feel more confident preparing steak and seafood.  If you have a significant other who loves to handle the cooking of meats and grilling,  it can feel overwhelming when you want to handle the steak on your own.  This recipe is straightforward, step by step approach to cooking a phenomenal steak.  If you want to try […]

Mommy takes the night off

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MOZZA INSPIRED MEATLOAF Mozza is a restaurant in Los Angeles that my husband and I frequent.  Meatballs are always ordered because they are extraordinary.  We bought the Mozza cookbook specifically for the meatball recipe.  My husband is a fantastic cook and every now and then he cooks for us.  This is one of his favorite things to make.  As any cook will tell you the best meal is one you don’t have to prepare.  It […]