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Can’t, Fahgettaboudit!

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I still haven’t gotten over my trip to Italy this summer.  While decorating my Christmas tree, I was thinking about the differences between “Americanized” Italian food and the food in Italy.  Tonight I felt like something Italian and comforting.  Eggplant parmesan sounded good, and it happens to be red and green.  Hello…. Christmas colors!   While taking a cooking class in Rome, a Roman Chef taught me how to make the perfect pomodoro sauce.  You […]

That’s Amore

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Fish / Pasta

Positano Inspired Seafood Pasta My family and I visited Spain and Italy this summer.   I was so inspired by the food, drink and the culture we experienced.  The food in Italy was not what I expected.  I found it to be simplistic, not in a negative way.  I think in the United States we add more cream and coat our pasta with more sauce.  In Italy the pastas texture is by far and away […]

Easy Elegance at Home

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  Chicken Marsala Over Parmesan Mashed Potatoes and Sautéed Spinach Chicken Marsala is a family favorite.  It’s delicious and has a restaurant quality about it.  It has a luxurious presentation when in fact it’s simply  chicken and potatoes.  To guarantee perfection use homemade chicken stock.  It really makes a difference.  I try to keep my homemade chicken stock in my freezer at all times.  When I have bones left over from a rotisserie chicken, I will […]

Mommy takes the night off

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MOZZA INSPIRED MEATLOAF Mozza is a restaurant in Los Angeles that my husband and I frequent.  Meatballs are always ordered because they are extraordinary.  We bought the Mozza cookbook specifically for the meatball recipe.  My husband is a fantastic cook and every now and then he cooks for us.  This is one of his favorite things to make.  As any cook will tell you the best meal is one you don’t have to prepare.  It […]

Pretty in Pink

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PENNE ALLA VODKA My husband and I first tasted this dish 14 years ago while living in New York City.  I am a California native who believed Olive Garden was authentic Italian food.  Moving to New York changed my notion of Italian food.  We didn’t have a lot of money and I was afraid to order outside my comfort zone out of fear of wasting money.  However, I quickly realized you can never have a […]