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That’s Amore

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Fish / Pasta

Positano Inspired Seafood Pasta My family and I visited Spain and Italy this summer.   I was so inspired by the food, drink and the culture we experienced.  The food in Italy was not what I expected.  I found it to be simplistic, not in a negative way.  I think in the United States we add more cream and coat our pasta with more sauce.  In Italy the pastas texture is by far and away […]

My Valentine’s Day Gift

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On Valentine’s Day last year I had the privilege of meeting a living legend, Nancy Silverton. Nancy needs no introduction. However if you are not familiar with Nancy, allow me to introduce her. She is a chef, restaurant owner, founder of La Brea Bakery, and a James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Chef. Nancy is co-owner of my favorite restaurant Mozza. We celebrate Valentine’s Day every year with the best pasta and wine in Los […]

Pretty in Pink

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PENNE ALLA VODKA My husband and I first tasted this dish 14 years ago while living in New York City.  I am a California native who believed Olive Garden was authentic Italian food.  Moving to New York changed my notion of Italian food.  We didn’t have a lot of money and I was afraid to order outside my comfort zone out of fear of wasting money.  However, I quickly realized you can never have a […]